Multi Tenant Voice Manager (MTVM)

SectorSix's hosted platform is delivered using Cisco on an end-to-end basis.

Each company on the platform has access to a web portal which gives administrators and users control of various features and applications, and the data and dialplan information for each company is effectively segmented and firewalled from other tenants on the system.

Sector Six's Multi Tenant Voice Manager (MTVM) product suite comprises the following components:

  • Core Operating System
  • SIP Engine
  • Image Processing software
  • Administration functions software
  • User functions software
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Billing engine
  • IP Applications
  • VoIPTrainer
  • Call Centre capabilities

Each component is controlled from a web interface that enables an Administrator to quickly and easily deploy a number of Cisco handsets and DDIs across different customers simultaneously.

Once the initial configuration is completed, all subsequent IMACS (installs, moves, adds and changes) can be achieved from the same unified interface, making the whole process of managing a customer deployment as smooth as possible. With multiple operators able to simultaneously access MTVM, the platform can scale as you grow your hosted IP Telephony customer base.

Key Administration features:

  • Move, Add and Change devices
  • Online Billing and invoicing capability
  • Inbound Call Handling - Auto Attendants etc
  • Contact Phonebook Administration
  • User Audit tracking
  • Hunt Group Configuration
  • Call Recording
  • Office CAC

Key User Features:

  • Log User in/ out to any phone
  • Handset training software
  • Speed dials and call forwarding
  • View my calls and voicemail
  • Text and picture messaging
  • Call Recording
  • Call Statistics
  • Multiple Contact phonebooks

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from "free" inter-site calls
  • Bring remote workers inside your company network
  • Call break out to any destination
  • Remove ISDN Lines
  • Caller ID and Number Display
  • Dial Contacts from Outlook/ Lotus
  • Receive calls to any UK number e.g. 020, 0161, 0845, 0870, etc