SectorSix is a London based software company specialising in advanced IP Telephony solutions for Service Providers. Founded by two Internet entrepreneurs, our vision is to create a software platform that truly unifies communications by making it easier for Service Providers to be able to deploy large scale, multi-tenant voice and video solutions for large and small enterprises.

The first release of our Multi Tenant Voice Manager (MTVM) was deployed in late summer 2005 and has established a growing reputation in the UK ISP market. We have worked with a number of Service Providers to successfully deploy hosted IP Telephony services nationwide. We are proud to work alongside Cisco Systems, and our software platform is currently deployed exclusively in conjunction with Cisco Call Manager.

Whilst building and launching Multi Tenant Voice Manager, we partnered with 4What Interactive, a specialist software training company to bring an interactive training product to the UK market : VoIPTrainer. This training software application is unique in the way it delivers self help training to new users of Cisco handsets. It provides a dynamic learning environment, and is always available at the click of a button through the phone and into a web browser.

We also design and produce a series of bespoke IP based applications which can be used to enhance a Cisco IP Telephony deployment by providing software programmable functions that are made available via the Services button on a Cisco handset.

We have a culture borne of innovation, and we continually look to evolve our product set through close interaction with our partners and customers. We look forward to working with you.